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Laserscope i Models - Lyra i Aura i and Venus i - Wanted to Buy

Category: Cosmetic Lasers Item: Lyra i Aura i and Venus i
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Description: Laserscope's new Lyra™ Laser System represents the most advanced approach to laser hair removal and vascular lesion treatment available today. It combines the longest available wavelength (1064nm) and Laserscope's proprietary Extended Duration Pulse (EDP) technology, which allows the user to vary the laser pulse duration from 10 msec to 50 msec. This combination provides optimal results through deep penetration to impair hair growth or to treat unattractive vascular lesions. All this technology is controlled by an intuitive and easy-to-use user-interface unmatched by any other laser system on the market today.

Now you can treat tanned patients

The breakthrough in aesthetic practice is now offered with the Lyra laser. The Lyra has been proven to be safe and effective on all skin types and its parameters can be adjusted to accommodate the level of melanin in the skin. By varying pulse duration, fluence and utilizing cooling one can achieve outstanding and safe results in tanned patients.

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Epidermal Contact Cooling

To diminish patient discomfort, Lyra's active cooling module minimizes heat exposure to the epidermis and into the surrounding tissue before, during, and after exposure. The Laserscope cooling module uses no expensive or exotic cooling fluids or apparatus but instead employs the contact cooling method which is rapidly gaining acceptance as the safest and most repeatable way of protecting the epidermis during laser hair removal.

Fast and Accurate Treatments

Lyra's treatment speed of up to 1 sq. cm. per second is accomplished using a computer controlled scanner to quickly and accurately treat the tissue. This means your patients can readily fit effective treatments into their busy schedules. To assist in treating small areas and shapes, varied treatment scan patterns and sizes as well as the laser activation can be controlled directly from the ergonomically designed SmartScan Plus™ handpiece.

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Wide Range of Patient Skin Types

Lyra is designed to meet the needs of a varied patient population. The long wavelength and the EDP technology were specifically chosen to meet the needs of a broad range of skin tones, providing the most benefit to darker complected individuals than any other wavelength..

Left side of square 4 weeks after treatment. Left side of square 8 weeks after treatment.

Pseudo-folliculitis Barbae (Shaving Bumps) and Folliculitis

Pseudo-folliculitis Barbae are follicular papules or pustules resulting from close shaving of very curly hair. The malady is very common in individuals of African, Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean origin. By removing the hairs in patients suffering from PFB, the Lyra laser provides an effective relief of the problem. Considering that the Lyra is the only laser system FDA cleared for all skin types, it can safely be used on patients with skin type IV through VI.

Folliculitis - infection of follicles - can occur in various skin and hair type patients. Just like with the PFB, the Lyra laser can provide significant relief by removing the hairs in the inflamed areas.

Quality and Reliability

The Lyra system has been designed and manufactured to Laserscope's exacting standards of quality and reliability in our ISO-9001 certified facility in San Jose, California, USA. The state-of-the-art technology and quality systems integrated into our design and manufacturing processes ensure the highest product reliability available. Laserscope backs products with extended service options to assure product uptime.

Note: This product is FDA cleared for laser hair removal for all skin types.

Lyra i  Aura i and Venus i - Wanted

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