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Used Cutera CoolGlide excel - High Powered Long Pulse Yag - For Sale

Category: Cosmetic Lasers Item: High Powered Long Pulse Yag
Manufacturer: Cutera Model: CoolGlide excel
Status: For Sale - Used Price: $22,500  -  Make Offer or Request Quote
Item ID: 284 33758
Description: This is a low shot count Excel with all accessories.

The CoolGlide™ Excel System & Specifications The CoolGlide Excel laser system is the result of feedback received from our researchers and customers.

CoolGlide Excel's unique high power, long pulse Nd:YAG technology provides practitioners with the capability of treating all skin types including tanned patients. Its high peak power makes the CoolGlide™ Excel ideal for treating both fine and coarse hair. The adjustable spot size feature allows the practitioner to instantly switch to a 3, 5, 7 or 10 mm spot size with a simple twist of the handpiece dial. Now treat a full range of vascular lesions from fine telangiectasia to spider veins to large, deep, reticular leg veins.

CoolGlide Excel's user-interface allows practitioners to have independent control of key treatment parameters, such as spot size, fluence, pulse width, and repetition rate, enabling treatments to be customized for each patient. Its handpiece provides the user with an unobstructed view of the treatment area while the integrated contact cooling soothes and protects the epidermis. The Excel's aiming beam assures precise targeting and accurate laser delivery.

• Achieves Permanent Hair Reduction*.

• High Power, long pulse Nd:YAG technology for safe treatment of all skin types including tanned patients.

• High peak power for effectively treating fine and coarse hair.

• Instant selection of 3, 5, 7 or 10 mm spot size for treating a broad range of vascular lesions.

• Integrated contact cooling provides the ultimate in epidermal protection.

• Treatment guides and aiming beam assure accurate spot placement and delivery.

• No consumables or disposables.

SPECIFICATIONS: Laser Type: High Power, Long Pulse Nd:YAG Wavelength: 1064 nm Max Peak Power: 4,700 Watts Fluence: Up to 300 J / sq. cm. Pulse Width: 1 msec to 300 msec Spot Size: Adjustable 3, 5, 7 or 10 mm Repetition Rate: 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 Hz Epidermal Protection: Integrated Contact Cooling Aiming Beam: YES System Cooling: Internal, Self-contained Electrical: 115V/20A, or 230V/20A System Size: 13" x 18" x 32" Weight: 135 lbs.

Field Service Engineering We at Altus Medical realize the importance of 100% system uptime. CoolGlide's solid-state design has been proven reliable and rugged. In the event your system does require service, a factory authorized field service engineer will be dispatched to your location.

Both CoolGlide™ and the CoolGlide™ Excel system feature self-diagnostic software that will allow our technicians to better understand, diagnose, and solve your system's problem. Each of our engineers are equipped with state-of-the-art calibration equipment and computer software enabling them to fine tune your system, maximizing performance.

*Cleared in January 2001 for Permanent Hair Reduction.

High Powered Long Pulse Yag - For Sale - Used





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